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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dumplings Weekend!

Hello sweet readers. I've been super busy with my 4th batch of dumpling orders for friends and family last weekend. I would love to share with you a glimpse of Anna Dumplings. Here I would love to show you some great serving suggestions and easy tips of how to cook them perfectly! Enjoy a spoonful of happiness :) xoxo Anna

Get ready for Prepping time !!! Each batch of orders takes 2 days to complete. It's hard work, it is rewarding however when I see my friends eating them !!

Dumpling making !!!
Finally I can pack my little babies!
Anna Dumplings easy cooking steps :) Delicious dumplings in minutes! Ta-da ! 

Mr W really loves his dumpling crispy - just follow the above boiling steps and drain well. Heat pan on high heat, add 3 tbs oil onto pan and add in dumplings and turn constantly untill golden brown!

Voila! Crispy toasty dumplings served with your favourite sauce!!

I really love the dumplings in a simple chicken stock and garnished with fresh shallots. Eating a big bowl of soupy dumplings takes me back to my time as a kid eating all of my mum's dumplings. I remember I ate 5 bowls at one time !!! My best record! There were definitely a lot of dumplings in my belly :)

Here is a serving suggestion by my friend Claudia. She adds a Chinese special chilli bean paste. She eats her spicy dumplings soup for lunch at work!!! (She even brought her own sauces and soup spoon. I felt so proud) . Thank you for being super supportive of Anna dumplings.

Yesterday Mr W and I had dumplings for dinner in a home made chicken stock and some Chinese cabbage. I also added my special soy caramelised slow braised spare pork ribs (it was slowly cooked in the oven for 5 hours !!! yes it's crazy however I love my food so no complaints here. I love it when the meat slowly falls apart and melts in your mouth. Yummo! I will share this recipe with you next time!). xx

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